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Welcome to The Educator EducatorTM

This is my business! Here you will find help in anything and everything Education. Explore if you want, and reach out if you need. Educators don’t just teach, but they model lifelong learning. We are all educators… teachers… of someone at some time in our lives. Sometimes we need help learning how to educate and sometimes we need help communicating that learning… teaching. All of us learn along our journey of life. Not just educators, but everyone! Sometimes we need help learning, sometimes we need help learning to learn and sometimes we need help communicating that learning to someone else. In all this teaching and learning, The Educator EducatorTM is committed to Helping People Think!TM

 Why me? Why The Educator EducatorTM ? Because we can!

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Teaching
  • Master’s of Arts in Teaching
  • Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • 37 years of teaching kindergarten through university students in many venues:  home-schoolers, public, independent school, remedial, ESL, Spanish as a second language, coaching gymnastics, Assistant Scoutmaster, Sunday School teacher, Bible Study leader, men’s retreat leader, and more
  • 21 years experience in teaching Education in certified Teacher Education programs
  • 35 years of delivering professional development to educators, parents and students
  • Experience with all facets and clientele (see testimonials and brochure):  elementary, middle, high school, undergraduate and graduate students, parents, teachers, administrators

Peruse these pages. While I attempt to keep my blog posts personable in MyEducationEducation, The Educator EducatorTM offers the most professional services possible:  writing, editing, voiceover, teacher and student coaching, tutoring, and more. The pages within this tab contain lots of what you need to decide to reach out to me for help:  pricing, description of many of the services provided, more rationale for this sort of service and testimonials of people whom I’ve helped.

I hope to hear from you for a free initial consult to see if we, together, can craft stronger paths toward teaching, learning and thinking.

Below please find my contact information.

Thanks to you all!

Guy M. Arcuri, Ph.D.                    336-345-4891, EST