Announcing a new tab… The Education Opine! In it, I’ll be practicing the difficult art of brevity while you chime in with your reactions and opinions! My son, the “expert” millennial… or should I say the millennial that thinks he’s an expert in everything… says two things. First, people want to voice their opinion in open dialogue. To opine is to exist! Second, I use way too many words for a dyslexic millennial. Even if I opine in a relevant, inspiring way, many will see the length of my “stories” and click away! So, I’d like to add a tab that presents my brief opinion of a relevant issue in Education. My blog/stories/diatribes will continue to happen, but I’d like to learn from you… enthusiasts of Education. I’d love for you to react however you wish. I am also hoping to attract guest opiners. Message me if you wish to contribute!