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Are you SERIOUS about learning SPANISH?

As a 35-year professional language educator and Ph.D. in Second Language Instruction, people ask me at least twice a week, “Hey, Guy, what do you recommend for me ‘get fluent’ in Spanish?” My reply has always been the same three questions…

First, are you motivated? Are you serious about the time and financial commitments? Can you push through the complete mess of learning to communicate using language? 

Second, do you have a specific PURPOSE and CONTEXT around which you wish to be fluent? Most APPS, programs and teachers assume you can and WILL apply simple language proficiency to much more sophisticated contexts. The research, however, shows the opposite. If you purposefully acquire AND practice a second language in a familiar context, proficiency levels increase more efficiently. There are many contexts and purposes in which to be fluent, but My Education EducationTM can tailor them both for you in particular:  Spanish for travel, for reading literature, legal or medical Spanish, Spanish for builders and contractors, landscaping, car sales, Scouting, service, restaurants, customer service/relations and more.

Finally, and much more crucially, are you able to receive AND use proper feedback to help you move toward higher proficiency? Do you practice regularly in meaningful and authentic contexts that require you to understand and be understood? That are with real people? Do you have natural, immediate and appropriate feedback for how you are COMMUNICATING and not just getting correct answers on vocabulary and grammar quizzes? What can I do to break away boring lack of progress?

I used to think it just required drive, purpose, feedback to be successful. But, COVID-19 pushed the issue personally for me, and I’ve discovered most programs, courses or apps provide little management of these three components. I had to adapt. As an educator, I already know how to motivate students, even on-line. I can create lessons tailored to each student’s proficiency level, background experiences and interests. And, I have found a textbook…. YES… a textbook… that allows me to provide feedback while making every lesson and exercise “DOABLE” on-line. The “Supersite” provides immediate feedback to the student while also sending me, the INSTRUCTOR, any oral and written feedback that needs checked. Students drive the pace… but I get to drive the purpose and context with and for the student! It’s WIN-WIIN-WIN on three factors for both TEACHER and STUDENT!

The textbook publisher has granted my school, The Educator EducatorTM access as an instructor.

Your commitment:

  1. Purchase the textbook and code. I receive no financial benefits, you purchase it on your own.

2. $75.00 / hour for one-on-one instruction, completely focusing everything you have studied at the text’s Supersite into a conversation or a set of conversations that encourage you to apply you personally and profitably. 

3. Intermittent invoicing for my assessment and feedback.

Call or e-mail for details: 336-345-4891, drguyteacher@gmail.com