About My Education Education

You may think I named my blog “My Education Education” just to anger Microsoft’s autocorrect informing me I have typed the same word twice. I sort of like the fact that every time I mention my blog by name, half of it gets underlined with a squiggly red line! The titular, intentional pre-sequitur communicates in adjectival fashion the nominal post. Such prior academic language exemplifies the need for this blog to continue the banter, as the Education field is replete with confusing jargon, elitist euphemism and much more. (In my jesting, I hope I have not turned you off thus far, LOL.)  My Education Education is for everyone who considers her or himself an educator- of any sort: a parent, a teacher, an administrator, a politician, a student, a concerned citizen and more. By reading this blog you will get to know me, and, by default, you will receive an Education Education.  Specifically, I hope you connect with MY Education Education and grow more confident in your ability to sift through the rhetoric of educators to make intelligent, wise, informed decisions or formulate mature opinions that promote true reform and support for quality teaching and learning.